Read why Planning Commissioner Liam Downey is supporting Larry Carr

I’m voting for Larry Carr…here is why…a 1 minute read…from one your neighbors.

Many of you may not know me. Liam Downey, I’m your neighbor here in the Paradise area, and our District A voting area. I live close to Santa Teresa and Watsonville. I’m also one of your City’s volunteer Planning Commissioners, have been for over 5 years. As a PC we get deeply involved in many aspects of the City, and directly involved in HOT topics like growth, housing, development and the infamous Distribution center debates. What fun! It must be, I’m still doing it :)

I’m voting for Larry Carr for District A City Council Candidate. Why? I’ve worked side by side with Larry and the rest of the City Council, Planning Commission and City Staff for a number of years now. For anyone that knows me I don’t play partisan politics, I very much sit on the fence most of the time, and I like to work with and support anyone that is decent, honest, hard working, and dedicated to the overall health and well-being of our City and it’s and other residents., irrespective of their party or other affiliations and beliefs. Larry is one of these guys. I had to ask him recently if he was a Democrat or a Republican……I actually did not know, nor do I care. He is just a very hard working, dedicated and very experienced member of our City Council. We are in a pretty chronic state as a City, as an Economic community, and as a community at large, due to the Coronavirus and the wide spread impacts that has had on our community, our budgets and our local businesses. Larry has a very level head, a balanced point of view, and makes the right, but very often tough decisions for the good of the overall community and the financial stability of our City. He’s grown up here in Morgan hill, his family is here, he plans to stay here, and he genuinely wants Morgan Hill to be the very best place to live.

Our Council, like any other team or leadership group needs balance. It’s need new blood mixed with experience, and it’s need leaders who are not afraid to make the hard decisions, but the right decisions for our Community. Larry brings that experience and continuity we need now for our Council. Please give Larry your support, he won’t disappoint you. I make no bones about the fact that I disagree with these District voting rules. We are too small a community to split ourselves up into 4 quadrants. We are losing the ability to get good people onto our Council. But, for District A we have a great candidate in Larry.

Lastly, you don’t have to agree with me. I sure some of you do not. You don’t even have to vote for Larry....I am....but PLEASE, do VOTE, whatever your opinions and preferences are. I am happy to discuss this topic with any of my neighbors 1:1 or even on a group Zoom.

Thanks for reading. Liam Downey – Paradise Area Resident.

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