Morgan Hill employees have made their choice...

"We're with Larry!"

Morgan Hill employees have listened to all of the candidates running for City Council and only one candidate measures up to their high standards - Larry Carr.

"Larry Carr has a history of supporting firefighters and has been a strong advocate for the public safety of Morgan Hill." Cal Fire Local 2881, Morgan Hill's fire fighters.

"MHPOA endorses Larry Carr for District A. He is our “policing representative” of choice.

Larry has a proven record which is strong on public safety, he understands the issues and he has a plan to move the community forward following COVID 19. " Morgan Hill Police Officers' Association

"The CSOA of Morgan Hill supports Larry Carr for City Council. Larry knows the challenges of our roles and has worked with us to provide for the public’s safety and the safety of our employees." Community Service Officers' Association of Morgan Hill.

Join with Morgan Hill employees and your neighbors and support Larry Carr for City Council.



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