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Letters to the editor: Political endorsements

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

The Morgan Hills Times recently received some letters endorsing Larry Carr for Mayor:

For mayor

I’m endorsing the most qualified Morgan Hill Mayoral candidate, Larry Carr.
I have lived in Morgan Hill for 32 years as a manager with Anritsu, small business owner, Kiwanian, Chamber of Commerce Board Chair, Leadership Morgan Hill graduate and currently as the Board Chair for the Morgan Hill Wine Shop & Cigar Lounge.
I’ve watched Larry help lead the city council make decisions which off-set the loss of the RDA, overcame a financial crisis, and lead the city to becoming the best cities in Santa Clara County in which to live.
His strongest attribute is as a listener and communicator. If you’ve ever attended a city council meeting, you will note he is the last councilperson to speak, having gathered all the information he needs to make a well-considered contribution. Having observed him for the past 14 years, I have found him to have the highest possible interest in the well-being of Morgan Hill. He will be an excellent mayor. While we have differed from time to time on a few things, I know his primary interest lies in what will be best for us.
His leadership skills and awareness of the special challenges required to lead a city as it grows in these ever-changing times makes him the best candidate for mayor by far. He embodies the skills and quality of our former Mayor Steve Tate.
I encourage you to vote for Larry Carr for Mayor of Morgan Hill.
Jeff Burrus Morgan Hill


Retired police like candidate

As law enforcement professionals, we recognize leadership when we see it. Larry Carr has consistently demonstrated support for the Morgan Hill Police Department while also challenging us to expand our approach to public safety and achieve more through technology and innovation.
He has always supported the budget needed to ensure that Morgan Hill remains safe and sets high expectations and accountability for upholding our community’s values.
That’s what we expect of a leader. We are proud to endorse Larry Carr for Mayor of Morgan Hill.
Submitted by former Mayor Steve Tate on behalf of:
Bruce Cumming, Police Chief, MHPD retired Steve Schwab, Police Chief, MHPD retired Jerry Neumayer, Captain, MHPD retired Bob Gomez, Sergeant, MHPD retired Carlos Guerrero, Sergeant, MHPD retired Troy Hoefling, Sergeant, MHPD retired Ken DeLuna, Reserve Police Officer retired


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