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  • Larry Carr

Community Leaders Kathy & Brian Sullivan Support Larry Carr

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

We have attended nearly every City Council Meeting from 2012 to the Zoom transition - and since - many online. Larry always stood out as someone with the leadership skills to see things through and take action. Over the years Larry has proven to be someone who, as a lifelong Morgan Hill resident, has a well-rounded understanding of Morgan Hill's values and character.

As a Council member, he did his homework, knew the issues, listened with an open mind, asked fact-finding questions, netted out the issues and brought consensus building and problem solving skills to the dais. His broader regional and state relationships are very beneficial in decisions that impact Morgan Hill.

Larry knows the issues and will bring effective leadership skills and a commitment to do what is best for all of Morgan Hill. We are facing challenging times and we see no one better prepared to lead Morgan Hill.

Brian & Kathy Sullivan

Very involved Morgan Hill residents since 2000

Kathy and Brian Sullivan

Kathy and Brian have been recognized as former "Man and Woman of the Year" by the Morgan Hill Chamber of Commerce. Their contributions to Morgan Hill are many. In addition to involvement in Morgan Hill schools, the Chamber of Commerce and other organizations, Kathy is a longtime board member and past president of the Morgan Hill Historical Society and Brian is a board member of the Community Law Enforcement Foundation, the Rotary Club of Morgan Hill and the Charter School of Morgan Hill Foundation.


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