City Treasurer David Clink endorses Larry Carr

“I’ve known Larry Carr for many years.  I know Larry to be open and transparent, knowledgeable on city topics and always prepared to ask questions, address issues, and fix problems that Morgan Hill residents may experience."

"Larry is the most knowledgeable councilmember and candidate on government financing and budgeting.  He knows what is in the city’s budget, and is a strong advocate for the taxpayers.  I trust Larry with my tax dollars and I support Larry for re-election to the Morgan Hill City Council.”

“I want to be very clear – I support Larry Carr for City Council.  I know my name and title as Treasurer for the City of Morgan Hill is being used in another candidate’s materials, including ballot statement and website.  I did not authorize the quote, nor the use of my name.  I’m with Larry.” - David Clink, Treasurer, City of Morgan Hill

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