Morgan Hill City Council

 Larry Carr For Morgan Hill City Council

The November 2020 Morgan Hill City Council election will be the first time voters in council District A will cast their votes in a district election.  Morgan Hill City Council is now divided into four "districts" to select a council member for the next four years.  Most of us have voted for the Morgan Hill City Council in city-wide elections.  This campaign for the Morgan Hill City Council is about serious issues with very real implications for our future.  Larry Carr is the only candidate for Morgan Hill City Council with the experience, community support and leadership to help manage us through these issues.  

A critical thinker

Former Mayor Steve Tate supports Larry Carr for Morgan Hill City Council, "He is a leader that is always prepared, asks needed questions to clarify issues, listens to all perspectives and makes innovative suggestions that always make for even better solutions."

Ready to serve Morgan Hill


"Larry Carr has dedicated himself to the residents of Morgan Hill. First as a school board member and currently as a member of the Morgan Hill City Council. Larry is a conscientious policy maker. Always prepared and always committed to holding our diverse community at the core of his discussions during these difficult times. We need a public servant with his experience and expertise. “

Adam Escoto, Morgan Hill Unified School District Trustee

Community Leader with Community Values

"...Larry Carr has put forth his plans for dealing with the various challenges related to 21st Century Policing and maintaining Public Safety for all community members during these uncertain times."

Morgan Hill Police Officers' Association supports Larry Carr for Morgan Hill City Council