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I'm Larry Carr, and I am running for Mayor of Morgan Hill.

I am running for Mayor to help put residents and local businesses first.  I have impactful experience in local government, I value the public process, and I enjoy solving complex issues.  


My positive plan for Morgan Hill starts with rebuilding community trust.  Support our local economy, limit growth, support public safety, address issues of equity within our community, protect open space and agricultural resources, and continue making downtown a vibrant centerpiece to our community.

I will be ready on Day One to lead and address our challenges. 

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Rich & Rosy Bergin

We have known Larry since he was in college and Barbie since the early eighties. This couple is the best and Larry is the most experienced to lead Morgan Hill forward.


Steve Tate,
Former Mayor of Morgan Hill

Larry Carr builds strong teams. He listens, questions, and proposes consensus solutions that work. Qualities that, along with his deep knowledge of and affection for Morgan Hill, make Larry by far the standout candidate for Mayor – let’s elect him!


Kathy & Brian Sullivan

Larry knows the issues and will bring effective leadership skills and a commitment to do what is best for all of Morgan Hill. We are facing challenging times, and we see no one better prepared to lead Morgan Hill.

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If you wish to see positive change in the Mayor's Office in Morgan Hill, please take a moment and donate to my campaign.


Under the Morgan Hill City ordinance, the maximum donation allowed is $4,900.00.


Thank you for your support!


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